What's On My Mind…

all events taken place are in my dreams… i could remember i was running away from something apocalyptic, i knew this because everyone around me was running away from the same thing. i could sense fear in the air. IT was after the one who was responsible for the dream, me, and killing anyone who got in between IT and its target.

i ran down into the subway stations while everyone on the surface was running in terror. i can hear people dying in agony and suffering in pain. i couldn’t see. the fear was trying to consume me.

i taped into a super power, the ability to move ahead in time by speeding up the momentem of my run. everything around me was a blur as i moved from the subway train station to the inside of a bus.this burst of energy gave away my position.

 what i can remember the bus was being chased by a large mechanical monster (for lack of a better word.) the bus driver, another man, plus myself were heading down a ramp off a freeway. i stood up and notice the bus was moving too fast down a ramp onto a sharp left turn onto a bridge.

with all the momentum, the bus flew off the bridge. since i was standing i took most of the impact.

the bus driver and the other man left me. i couldn’t move i was either too hurt or too scared. then i saw two lights that seem to grab a hold of me they made contact with me using my mind, they didn’t talk but flashed images into my brain. I Blinked And I Was In My Room. I Blinked Again, and i was back in the dream i could feel them adjust all the energy into the back of my body. then i woke up… I Could Still Feel The Same Energy On My Upper Back And I Was Laying In The Same Position. I Closed My Eyes And Drifted into another dream…


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